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Long Covid advice for men as condition may impact sex life and hair loss

Last week, new research on long Covid revealed the condition to have even more symptoms than previously thought - with three found to impact men's health - and confidence.

The survey analysed the health records of over 500,000 people who had been infected with Covid-19 to unearth common symptoms of long Covid.

Three symptoms caught one health expert's attention as he believes they may be negatively impacting men's mental and physical health.

Dr Sameer Sanghvi, Practising GP and Clinical Technology Lead at LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor , said: “I’m worried three male-specific symptoms - hair loss, reduced libido and difficulty ejaculating - may have a negative effect on men’s self esteem.

"In my experience as a doctor, these symptoms can all impact men’s confidence and, thus, their sex lives.”

Dr Sanghvi says Google search data supports the idea that this is something men are searching for advice about. He said: “Since this research came out, interest in the link between long Covid and these symptoms has skyrocketed.

"Google search volumes show queries asking ‘does covid cause erectile dysfunction’ were up 650% week on week, while searches for ‘long covid hair loss’ increased by 130%. In my view, this is evidence that this is something men are really concerned about."

Dr Sanghvi wants to share some advice for men who may have been impacted following a Covid infection. He advised: “If you have had Covid and have started to notice unusual symptoms such as hair loss or any form of sexual dysfunction, don’t suffer in silence.

"Book an appointment with a doctor and talk to them about your symptoms.”

Here is some expert medical advice on what to do if you encounter any of these issues with long Covid - as explained by Dr Sameer

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Long Covid hits your sex drive and makes your hair fall out - shock report
Covid can make your hair fall out and hit your sex drive. Sufferers have experienced a much wider set of symptoms – more than 60 – than previously thought, research discovered.The distressing effects include alopecia and sexual dysfunction. READ MORE: Drunk monk in car who told cops 'whisky cures Covid-19' gets kicked out of monkhood The study looked at symptoms reported by more than 2 million people 12 weeks after their initial infection.Dr Shamil Haroon, of the University of Birmingham, said: “This research validates what patients have been telling clinicians and policy makers throughout the pandemic.“The symptoms of long Covid are extremely broad and cannot be fully accounted for by other factors such as lifestyle or chronic health conditions."“The symptoms we identified should help clinicians and clinical guideline developers to improve the assessment of patients with long-term effects from Covid-19, and to subsequently consider how this symptom burden can be best managed,” added Dr Haroon.Patterns of symptoms were grouped into respiratory symptoms and mental health and cognitive problems – and then also a broader range of problems.Most common were loss of sense of smell, shortness of breath, chest pain and fever.Others included amnesia, bowel incontinence, erectile dysfunction, hallucinations and limb swelling. To stay up to date with all the latest news, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here . Fellow researcher Jennifer Camaradou said: “This study is instrumental in creating and adding further value to understanding the complexity and pathology of long Covid.