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Brewery pours 40,000 pints down drain after 'catastrophic' Covid pub ban

Wales Online reports. He said: "It's catastrophic.

It's our busiest month of the year and it's where we take all our money which will take us through the quieter months of January and February and it's just going to kill every single Welsh brewer out there."We've planned for Christmas for the last three to four months. This isn't something that we can turn off and on so by just having four days notice to shift hundreds and hundreds of kegs of beer, it's just killed us."In pints there's 15,000 pints in every container so we'll probably get rid of 30,000 or 40,000 pints."We will try to sell some through our small brewery shop but we've planned and we've geared up for the month of December so we've got literally hundreds of kegs there ready

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LOS ANGELES - A report by a group of U.S. doctors published in the medical journal JACC warns of the potential of heart damage to children from the novel coronavirus. The report detailed the case of a 2-month-old infant diagnosed with COVID-19, who experienced a myocardial injury as well as a type of heart failure most commonly seen in adults."Most children with Covid-19 are either asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, but our case shows the potential for reversible myocardial (heart) injury in infants,” said Dr.
Wales Online reports. He said: "It's catastrophic.

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