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In epidemiology, an outbreak is a sudden increase in occurrences of a disease in a particular time and place. It may affect a small and localized group or impact upon thousands of people across an entire continent. Four linked cases of a rare infectious disease may be sufficient to constitute an outbreak. Outbreaks include epidemics, which term is normally only used for infectious diseases, as well as diseases with an environmental origin, such as a water or foodborne disease. They may affect a region in a country or a group of countries. Pandemics are near-global disease outbreaks when multiple countries across the world are infected.

Campus outbreak brings uncertainty to San Diego's reopening

SAN DIEGO – The start of the semester at San Diego State University was, as always, a time for students to make and renew friendships on and off its urban campus and enjoy the beach and the city's unmatched August weather.The coronavirus meant far fewer people returned to campus this year but the parties, cookouts and other festivities that mark the start of the fall semester went on as usual for a week or two, then abruptly stopped as infections quickly mounted. James Floyd, a freshman from Davis, California, noticed a mood change when classmates began getting tested.

“Once a friend got it, they got scared,” he said. There have been larger outbreaks at U.S.

colleges but none may be more impactful than the one at San Diego State. California

. hospital outbreak testing infection

James Floyd


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