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Uvalde timeline: DPS releases activity log, police chatter as they waited outside classroom of massacre

UVALDE, Texas - The Texas Department of Public Safety has released a timeline of events around the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, that left 19 children and two teachers dead.Texas DPS tweeted out the logs Tuesday morning ahead of DPS Director Steve McCraw’s testimony before the Senate Special Committee to Protect All Texans. During the hearing, Col.

McCraw called the police response "an abject failure," saying there was enough law enforcement at the scene to stop the gunman within three minutes of him entering the school.MORE: Texas police commander: Uvalde police could've ended rampage early onPart of the director's reference material for his testimony was a timeline compiled from various sources, including funeral home footage, school surveillance video, Uvalde Police Department 911 recordings and phone recordings, and law enforcement body warn camera.Col. McCraw told the Senate committee that Uvalde ISD Chief Pete Arredondo put the lives of officers above the lives of children. The chief is quoted in the logs as saying, "We've lost two kids.

These walls are thin. If he starts shooting we're going to lose more kids.

I hate to say we have to put those to the side right now."CLICK HERE FOR THE LATEST ON THE ULVADE SCHOOL SHOOTINGThe timeline also quotes Arredondo several times talking about needing a master key and that the doors are locked, preventing them from going into the room with the gunman.Nearly an hour after suspect is reported crashing his vehicle into a ditch, the chief is reported saying, "People are going to ask why we're taking so long. We're trying to preserve the rest of the life."ANOTHER REPORT: Police in Uvalde had rifles earlier than knownIn the logs, you can also see a difference of

. Department reports

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