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Does the coronavirus spread easily among children?

recent report that showed infected children in Utah day care centers and day camps spread the virus to family members, including siblings. That suggested very young children with no symptoms or very mild ones can spread infection, but that the rate of spread was low.A large study from South Korea suggested that kids aged 10 and up may spread the virus more easily to family members than younger kids, and might even spread it as easily as adults.Spread among children was also suspected in an outbreak at a Georgia summer camp.With other respiratory viruses, “young children are the germ factories.

In this case, it’s different and we don’t really know why,’’ said Dr. Sean O’Leary of the American Academy of Pediatrics.___The AP is answering your

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WASHINGTON (AP) - Black people have been overrepresented on death rows across the United States and killers of Black people are less likely to face the death penalty than people who kill white people, a new report found.The report from the Death Penalty Information Center is a history lesson in how lynchings and executions have been used in America and how discrimination bleeds into the entire criminal justice system. It traces a line from lynchings of old — killings outside the law — where Black people were killed in an effort to assert social control during slavery and Jim Crow, and how that eventually translated into state-ordered executions.It comes as the U.S.
Acute stress and depression rates rose in US adults as COVID-19 cases and deaths accumulated from mid-March to mid-April, largely related to preexisting mental and physical conditions and stressors such as job and wage loss, according to a study of 6,514 people from three large, nationally representative cohorts.In the study, published late last week in Science Advances, res

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