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Löw limps closer to exit after Germany's latest painful loss

DÜSSELDORF – DÜJoachim Löw's explanations of what went wrong in the German national team’s latest humiliating loss have become a familiar ritual.

When South Korea eliminated Germany from the 2018 World Cup, he said the team went to Russia “perhaps with a certain arrogance.” When Spain routed his new-look team 6-0 last year, it was a “very dark day” when “nothing worked.”

Löw did it again Wednesday after North Macedonia beat Germany 2-1 in the last qualifying game of his 15-year-tenure.

“We just lost many, many balls when playing forward,” he told broadcaster RTL.

Facing counterattacks, he said "the defense was not stable.”

There won't be many more of these moments. Not necessarily because Germany will improve before playing World Cup


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