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Drivers could be slapped with $1,000 fine for blaring music, revving engines

CHESTER COUNTY, Pa. - A 1,000 fine that's what could happen to you if you drive into the Borough of West Chester blaring your music or intentionally revving your engine. Years of frustrations have turned into a full police operation to crackdown on noise violators.Mayor Jordan Norley and Police Chief James Morehead teamed up in mid-April with a plan called "Operation Quiet-Downtown." Signs posted in the borough say "zero tolerance for loud mufflers, stereos, motorcycles" and "$1,000 fine for violations."Faye Worrell, a West Chester resident, says she.

likes to dine out often but knows what it's like to be mid-conversation and have loud noises interrupt her."It’s really disturbing and it’s a little annoying to families," she said. "Parking


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