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Covid-19 in India: R-value drops below 1 in mid-September, say researchers


The R-value, or reproductive number, for COVID-19 in India dropped from 1.17 in August end to 0.92 in mid September, indicating that the spread of the infection across the country has slowed down, according to researchers.

However, the R-values of some major cities, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, are over 1. The R-value of Delhi and Pune are below 1.

The R-values of Maharashtra and Kerala are below 1, giving a much needed relief to these two states with the highest number of active cases.

The R-value was 1.17 at the end of August. It declined to 1.11 between September 4-7 and since then it has remained under 1.

"The good news is that India's R has continued to be less than 1, as is that of Kerala and Maharashtra, the

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