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UK to impose tougher COVID-19 measures amid case spike

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to announce new restrictions on social interactions Tuesday as the government tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 before it spirals out of control.Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove told Sky News that pubs and restaurants across England will be ordered to close at 10 p.m. and people who can work from home will be encouraged to do so, reversing a government drive to get people back to their offices and other places of employment.Gove said reducing “social mixing” was key to slowing the spread of the virus.

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Good Morning Britain when the UK first went into lockdown in March.Susanna, like many of us, was scared about what was happening around the world with Covid-19, so it’s understandable that she would end up dreaming about it at some point.The 49-year-old told The Telegraph’s Stella magazine: ‘It was an anxious time for everybody, but those early days were very frightening.‘I started to have really vivid, terrifying nightmares where I would wake up screaming and crying even though I couldn’t quite remember what the nightmares were.’She and Piers Morgan stayed on the air until the summer to bring people the latest updates.One particularly emotional episode saw them read out the names of the NHS workers who had died of the virus.In March the

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